Re: Mill Creek 16.5

Posted by David Duhon on Oct 9, 2007

Tom, There are many who regularly post here who are clearly amazing builders, with woodworking backgrounds, 3-6+ boats built, and a perfectionist streak. And they are folks who are very generous in offering their expertise in answering questions. Then there are the rest of us, who ask the same (relevent) questions for the 12th time, worry over many elements we needn't, and make perfectly fine boats. Building the MC16.5 was about the most fun thing I have done in my adult life. There are opportunities for screw-ups (maybe don't work on it when you are too tired), and it is easy to imagine horrible screw-ups, but this little edge of fear is what makes it work. Makes you pay attention. Makes it fun. Then when you are finished, you will be able to write a 30 page paper on all your mistakes, and will be thinking of all the ways you can do better on your next boat. Feel encouraged, David

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