CLC's Best Salesman

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 10, 2007


I'm working on it. Wonder if the weather will be as good as it was this year? You should be able to see it at Okoumefest if you show up for your crabcakes. It was really good to finally meet you, too, and seeing the ivey stick in person was quite an experience. You & Joey Schott make my jaw drop every time I see your inlay work. The two of you could give John Harris quite a dilemma by each showing up with a boat and entering it in the judging for best of the show. He'd have to flip a coin.

Anyway, for the rest of you out there who've never met him, here's George at MASCF telling the story of his boats for about the millionth time and convincing the crowd of onlookers that they should send money to CLC. Note that George is also the clever one in that he's the guy standing in the shade.



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