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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 11, 2007

If you plan on painting the hull white, think about the idea of painting it using an epoxy/hex-boron nitride (HBN) mixture. The HBN is called the "white" graphite because it has similar lubrication qualities as graphite does. The idea here is that a luricant that is imbedded into epoxy will create a coating that resists abrasion, thus minimizing damage due to abrasice forces such as rock and sand, log or the stray beaver that you might accidently paddle over.

I will be coating the hull of my Waters Dancing Lightning 17 this weekend, probably Friday night, and I'll take it out Sunday to see how the stuff holds up for whiteness and abrasion resistance. I'll post a link to the site where I bought it later on. Right now, it's time to close up shop and get home.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Paint &varnish question by Kyle Lindstrom on Oct 9, 2007


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