Re: I got a few answers..

Posted by LeeG on Oct 11, 2007

If that line 'most of the strength is from the glass and epoxy, the wood is mainly there as a form' then everyone paddling a Chesapeake with a glass on only one side of the deck or exterior of the compartment hull panels is in trouble. Anyone who's used the boats knows the plywood is strong and glass isn't required everywhere,,but if it's not on some panels it's a problem. It's not that critical on the inside of the side panels as it is on the bottom, etc. I've wondered if there's an optimum wood/glass ratio for durability/weight. I think someone did some tests with strip panels that showed a bit more glass with a bit less wood worked out well but it required more labor for minimal return so simply using regular weave 6oz worked. When in doubt make some test panels or test joints and break them up. Not rocket science although it's surprising how poorly carbon cloth does compared to glass or s-glass.

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