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Posted by LeeG on Oct 11, 2007

It's useful data. Little glass isn't as strong as more glass. Glass on one side isn't as strong as glass on both sides. Little glass doesn't resist abrasion/impacts as much as more glass at the point of impact.

Most of the wear a kayak gets is from point abrasion at the stern and the various edges of the bow/stern/coaming/hatches/sheer. Once you break through that glass the wood gets stained.

Care of use beats overbuilding any day. A carefully paddled 40lb kayak will outlast a heavily used 50lb kayak.

If in doubt build test panels and go at them,,or use your kayak a lot for all uses(especially rescure practice) and see what happens. Most likely on the next kayak you'll start applying extra light glass/epoxy on all those edges and glass panels on BOTH sides where impacts occur.

Building for the kinds of use that 60lb British glass boats were built for (t-rescues in 4' waves, surf landings) will most likely result in a 50-55lb s&g kayak.

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