That's it, I'll never...

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 12, 2007

...entertain the idea of kayak fishing and storing the booty under the hatches again. Glad you posted this story, Laz, could have been a disaster for me.

I kayaked on Lake Winnipeg with my kayaking bud, Ken S., three years ago. I spotted a very large pickeral swimming under my kayak. Knowing that Ken is an avid fisher of these fine finned bathing beasties, I called him over. He hooked it in just a couple of minutes. Had we opted to keep it for a meal, I was ready to get him to shove it in my stern hatch. Oh man, I could have had a pickeral permanently perched posthumously behind my posterior position. Sufferin' clawed catfish, Laz, the ole VJ woudda stunk somthin' fierce...kind like my laundry hamper does now.

Robert N Pruden

The Pickeral

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