Re: Strength Test Results

Posted by Camper on Oct 12, 2007

Yes, the glass adds much-needed protection, for sure.

But in the tests, the breaking strength was multiplied several times when the load was across the grain. If the glass were really determining the breaking strength, why would it make such a big difference which way the woodgrain went? The panel would break at about the same load regardless of the grain.

I would agree that in a stripper, the wood might be of limited value in adding strength, since a sharp hit would always break the wood in its weak direction. But for stitch and glue, it seems to me that the plywood must be significant.

I don't know, just fun to speculate about something I don't know nuttin' about. I do it at work too, but people seem to have a problem with it there.

(Memo to me: I see that the forum remembers the name you gave in your last post. Your cover is blown, Doc.)

In Response to: Strength Test Results by Robert N Pruden on Oct 12, 2007