Re: Interior Fiberglass

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 12, 2007

I don't know Camper. Except for the lack of duct tape, it seems like an idea in the spirit of Red Green so I might have to pay in Canadian dollars and I don't know if I can afford that anymore. How'd that happen, anyway? Just think, right now Mac & Bob are getting $75 off on each kit, plus the buying-from-the-3rd-world discount. Grim I calls it.

On the other hand, that lack of duct tape may indicate that it's from Texas (the other Possum Lodge), so I can pay any royalties in crab cakes & beer, at least until Texas is annexed as either the 11th province or 4th territory. Just think, that'd free up a lot of American dollars from building border fences while raising the average Canadian winter temperature by 60 degrees. Sorry, I mean 15.6 degrees. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Maybe I oughta put the respirator back on for a bit.



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