Re: Strength Test Results

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Oct 12, 2007

I do agree that grain orientation makes one hell of a difference in strength. I learned that as a renovator. Split enough boards. Grain variation can cause weak spots in any wooden boat. That said, the structure of a 4-mm piece of 4-ply plywood is much stronger than a piece of solid wood of similar strength. That is why building materials evolved from planking to plywood. I would suggest that a glassless plywood kayak is stronger than a glassless cedar stripper, presuming the plywood kayak is multi-chined rather than hardchined. The roundness of a hull has a lot (I suspect) to do with how its structure dissipates the energy of an impact. I think that if I get bored this winter (highly unlikely but still possible), maybe I'll build a few test panels to do some tests using an Instron. I am sure I can find one to use for free since I do have 22 years experience using one. Be interesting to develop some new results.

Robert N(ot Dr. Kayak) Pruden

PS: I really am not Dr Kayak. I profess to have no doctoral degrees in any manner of thinking at all nor do I think I can fix anything other than a kayak. Oh, that didn't come out right...but it isn't me. I'd offer you hints if it was. There are some secrets that I just can't play out for too long.

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