Re: Duck Picture

Posted by Laszlo on Oct 14, 2007

Chris & Kim,

Don't feel bad, those are both real easy mistakes to make with any boat. Every stitch & glue boat I've ever built came with a warning to watch out for that. You guys weren't the first, and you won't be the last, to make that mistake.

Here's a hint to avoid it in the future - when you're setting up to glue the wood, lay it out to reflect the arrangement in the manual. When all the pieces are spread out on the floor, it's much easier to visualize the correct relationships. In the picture above, the tumblehome deck pieces and the boat bottom are all in their correct relationships and can't be misjoined. (The 2 side pieces aren't - they started out that way but I had a clearance problem and had to move them.)

Then, mark the pieces with pencil. I like to mark inside & out, port & starboard. Then before I do anything permanent, I just verify that the markings are correct. Make the pencil marks light enough to sand off if you're finishing bright.

Have fun,


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