Chris J. theo

Posted by theo on Oct 14, 2007

The weather's winning lately, I tell ya, it is! The long parts are, well long, scarfed up and under tarps. The weather alternates dry, wet, dry, ad nauseum, and not warm enough for epoxy to do its thing. I take operations inside and cut small parts and you, I, can see no long future in that. If the weather holds (dry) today I may even get my drill out and poke stitch holes. Hopin' for "Indian" summer to show up on my days off work and I, maybe, hopefully, can at least close up the boat. I love Algonquin, I love Killarny park as well. Downside to get to Killarny; longer road time by Chi-Cheemaun ferry/Manitoulin or around Georgian Bay, and reserving a site is the harder part. Upside; Killarny is beautiful, check it out online

In Response to: Theo by Chris J. on Oct 13, 2007