Re: ches 18 progress

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Oct 15, 2007

The weather has also cut a bit into my build just a bit. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and last week the low temps were 29 degrees. My garage is attached to the house so the temp inside is still not too bad for building. I installed the deck last week, trimmed it and sanded the edges smooth. Coaming spacer pieces went on this weekend. The good part is that my kayak fits in my basement . It's a straight shot from the garage down the basement stairs. Last night I put the first sealing coat of epoxy on the deck. Kayak will pretty much stay in the basement for the next few coats of epoxy. It probably will get varnished and painted down there. It just looks funny having my kayak in the middle of all my video games. (Other hobby, restoring and collecting classic video games and pinball machines).


P.S. My goal is to have it in the water before the snow flies. I plan to chrisen it with a bottle of "Spotted Cow" beer (awesome beer only in Wisconsin)

Cape Charles 17 Progress

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