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Posted by LeRoy on Oct 15, 2007

Besides fly line management problems and how to land a large fish with the SailRig in place, I think it would be tricky wiggling out of a C17 to stand. Since you said you had not finished your build you might want to consider modifying your cockpit.

Laszlo�s photo (see bottom) of a Duck coaming on top of a C16 seems to indicates it might be possible to construct a Duck size cockpit on a C17 for extra room � and have a ready made spray skirt and cockpit cover when CLC releases them.

Another thread of interest shows how a Texas builder turned his kayak into a SOB (sit on bottom). See Kurt�s comments at

There is also an interesting photo of a modified C17 cockpit in the CLC photo gallery at (third photo up on the right).

Just a thought...

Tight lines, LeRoy

In Response to: Wood mast for sail rig by Darren on Oct 15, 2007