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Posted by Ian Colledge on Oct 16, 2007

Dave I live on the Sunshine Coast (Same time Zone but a few thousand Km north)and have just finished my first build a Ch16. Launched a week ago. Built from the plans in "The New Kayak Shop". I had some interesting challenges but over all it went well. Working with epoxy was a new experience for me. I used Boat-cote epoxy. I suggest you read their book "Boatbuilding with Bote-Cote". It has lots of useful tips. It and "The New kayak Shop" were my most useful references. The Australian Amateur Boatbuilder is a good magazine.

Tasmania is the home of wooden boats in Australia. I'm sure ther are many experienced builder in your locality. You are about to make a new group of friends.

The Ch16 looks good, floats, doesn't appear to leak and I haven't fallen out yet!

enjoy the experience


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