Re: sassafras

Posted by Jim E on Oct 18, 2007

To mu knowledge, there are threee ways to build a lapstrake boat.

The traditional method is done over a form. Planks made from solid wood, e.g. cedar, are beveled to fit and held together with copper rivets and bent frames. The plank-to-plank joins are watertight without any caulking. When wet. Mostly.

Then there is glued lap, which also uses a form. The planks are made of marine ply, bevelled like the traditional planks (but not as precisely), and held together with thickened epoxy. Frames are minimal or absent. I have built a small boat this way.

Lapstich differs from normal glued lap in that theres no form, being a stitch and glue method. Also the bevels are done slightly differently, but the epoxy hides that.

As for which of these is legitimate, it's up to you. They're all nicer than plastic!

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