Re: Hybrid CLC 17

Posted by David on Nov 1, 2007

Kyle- I made the stern hatch raised, it has a vertical lip coming up from the hull/hatch cutout, the cover sits over it like a jar top. I was worried about water coming over the stern and leaking past the seals. My bow hatch is flush mounted, as I was not too worried about excessive bow wash. Before I cut the hatches,or installed the bulkheads, I did a few "on the water" tests, and noticed that with a "hefty load" (I built this for a 3 week trip I'm planning)I got a lot of water on the stern deck, while the bow area floated over most of it. I'm sorry but I don't have any detail photos at this time.(The kayak is 30 miles away from my apt., stored at a friends house, rather than my 3rd floor condo)

In Response to: Re: Hybrid CLC 17 by Kyle Lindstrom on Oct 30, 2007