Re: sa uh wherry

Posted by theo on Nov 2, 2007

Never having met the Wherry "in the flesh" and I don't know if you've ever seen a gale blasting across Severn Sound or the open part of Georgian Bay (Great Lakes) here in Ontario, Canada, I am just not sure the Wherry can handle it. I know for a fact it can and will do so 95% of the time. It's just that the one time I crossed Severn Sound with my rower after a squall line hit us and I figured it to just hit and pass. No such luck, it was a storm front; just hit and kept on blasting us. I knew if I had done it with my canoe my daughter and I likely would not have made it. No mistake, I am not comparing the Wherry to a canoe, I've only seen the Wherry in 2 dimensions so far and I'd be very happy to own it, to find out what it can handle.

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