Re: wavy chine lines

Posted by Richard Lincoln on Nov 2, 2007

Jeremy, When building Kayaks at our shop, we do the following: After stitching the panels and alligning the edges, we tab between the stitches w/ thickened epoxy. Let cure, pull the stitches and fill the seams w/ more goo. The next step is to radius the seams carefully w/ a 100-150 grit disc. it is important to sand diagonally across the seam using long strokes. Use your eyes and your fingers to deteremin fairness. This goes quickly and should produce good results if you are careful. If you see any unfair lines just mix up some epoxy w/ micro balloons and fill until fair. The micro balloons quickly fair w/ 150 grit paper. This has worked well on my first two kayaks and two Oxford shells.

It sounds like you need to sand the radius in since you are all glued up. Try 150 grit on an orbital sander. Make long diagonal strokes and be careful. It should go well. Just keep looking and checking your progress.

Hope this helps.


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