Re: When to Paint?

Posted by Laszlo on Nov 3, 2007

On the boats I've built I've left the finish work (paint or varnish) until the end for several reasons. First, the chance of ruining the finish with continued construction (epoxy dribbling onto finish, tools gouging finish, etc.). Second, I find it more convenient to have my shop arranged for either finish or structural constuction, not both at once. Finally, I like to take my boats out for trials before the finish work in case I need to make some changes based on how they perform. Think of the heartbreak of having to cut into a perfect showroom finish (not that I've ever been accused of a perfect showroom finish) to move a fitting an inch or two, then trying to repair the scar so that it won't show.

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In Response to: When to Paint? by MarkS on Nov 2, 2007