Vacuum Bagging Decks

Posted by Richard Lincoln on Nov 3, 2007

I have built a number of boats including a couple of MC's, a Chessee 17, Passagemaker Dinghy and a couple of Oxford shells. I have often strugglrd w/ nailling the deck. Not w/ the technique but w/ the nails themselves. For one thing I don't allways like the look and secondly, I have had the glass sepparate or pop from the dimples left after setting the nails. Painting the deck above thes shear line helps but again, this is not allways the desired look.

Has anyone tried vacuum bagging the deck and glass as either an all in one process or as sepparate processes. I have used vacuum bagging on a smaller scale when forming model airplane wings and the process seems like it could be scaled up for the decking process.

What do you think?