Re: When to Paint?

Posted by Peter on Nov 3, 2007

Mark- I am just behind you in the construction of my Mill Creek 16.5- hope to do the interior epoxy coating and get the carlins in this week. (Distractions of good football games notwithstanding: Roll Tide!) I've seen people paint the interior at this stage and others who wait until after the deck is on. I'm pretty much resolved to paint the interior before putting the deck on. (But after the carlins are in place) With all respect to Laszlo's greater building experience, I still see it as easier to get a good finish before the deck makes it harder to reach. I'd rather scout epoxy drips and repair dings than face the gymnastics of reaching and twisting around a deck to roll and tip. So in short, my vote is paint before deck install.

We'll see how that plan works out. I didn't face this question with my Passagemaker dinghy...

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