Re: Air bubbles in seams

Posted by Petewp on Nov 7, 2007

Air bubbles should be taken care of if they are beyond the micro bubbles that can occur freely in epoxy from trapped air etc. The trapped air bubbles that I ignore are nearly pepper sized. You know the kind I mean. Now pea size or the like I deal with really quite easily...

1. You can drill a hole into the air cavity and fill it with epoxy. Either pour carefully or inject with a syringe.

2. Most often Ill just sand the area to open the cavity and then fill that way.

Pepper sized air bubbles are the lure of a neurotic perfectionist and I cant believe any good is served here by attending to them. Bubbles that are roughly pea size or [ha!]larger... sure... do either 1. or 2. . Technique 2 will most likely be the one you reach for lest this baby is way deep and under glass. In drilling by the way - if the cavity is extensive enough - drill two holes - one for the epoxy to come in and one for the air to escape. Overflow it a bit and sand as usual. It should go completely invisible [unless you didnt blow out any dust or such that might have gotten in during sanding].

Simple enough and common as well.


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