Re: Lumpy fillets

Posted by Lee G on Nov 18, 2007

What is your fillet mix made of? About 80-90woodflour with 10-20 cabosil makes for smooth fillets. Wood flour alone can become chunky and grabby with open holes,,except walnut flour which is very smooth. If you're using tape over fillet there's absolutely no reason for thick fillets. None, zero, zip, it just wastes epoxy. Unless you're making an Arctic Hawk which is all fillet in the cockpit and no tape,IIRC.

It's hard as you discovered to apply goop, then apply dry tape over it without everything getting mushed around.

My best application was pre-wetted tape over partially cured fillet. But the fillet has to be even. 3/4" wide fillet for a well rounded exterior is sufficient.

My $.02 is that there's an over emphasis on fillet gooping.

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