off-gassing or...whatever

Posted by theo on Nov 19, 2007

Has anyone ever come across any sort of problem with fumes, vapour, off-gassing, gaseous by-product from epoxy outside of allowing a potful to heat up and kick, spewing up a cloud of smoke? I convinced the boss that epoxy ain't nowhere near the same animal as poly-ester as in smell (I used to work in a fiberglass boat shop. Know the smell too well!) Still, we came to an agreement that I can work on the 18 in the basement, the weather (called "winter") shut down all progress outside. And that I would not be slathering large areas of epoxy on the Ches 18 inside the house, before she questioned me on that I had concerns on that issue. BTW, I am considering breathing protection beyond a simple dust mask when/if I power sand, that's happenning outside as well, in the spring, after epoxy/glassing!