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Posted by theo on Nov 21, 2007

Thanks to both for your response... Dave, you're right, no respectable canoe able to carry more than the propulsion unit,aka paddler, plus transmission, aka paddle is any sort of a racer. Years ago I had a fiberglass canoe, nice shape and I expected some speed of it. In the water, not very fast, bottom "oil-canned" flexxed with the waves/boat wakes. Some months later I laid up a couple of ribs across the beam, either side of center. No more flex, noticably less initial stability, noticably, more speed. I had restored to the boat the rocker lost to it when the bottom flexxed upward and lost all the extra wetted surface when it sank deeper because of the flexxing. No way for me to measure increased efficiency/speed, as g, p and s were mere random letters back then. My brother rented an aluminum canoe with his family, we paddled in my canoe. We could hear him pushing his child and wife to paddle harder from way behind us. Swapped boats, return trip. He simply disappeared out in front. That piece of tin was a pig, a barge, scow, a car ferry; not fast!

Robert H.; how heavy can you load a Sass12, CLC claims 225 lbs. How robust/heavy is a 12 made of 4mm ply, or 6mm ply, I sometimes cross some slightly nasty water in Severn Sound.

Thanks to you both for input...much appreciated.

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