Canoe Launched!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 21, 2007

I meant to write a purposeful little announcement for this forum, but it just never quite happened. So I'll regurgitate this for you. Sorry. Ahem...

11-19-07: I took "Merle" for a little 4-mile paddle late this afternoon, had a splendid time. Handling was pretty much as I expected after having spent a day in a bud's Wenonah Advantage. I'm very happy with the way she feels both at primary, and in secondary, stability; I think this is going to be a fun boat.

I tried something for the first time ever, and that was using a kayak double paddle in a canoe. I reckon I'll be carrying that rascal along in case I need serious horsepower... at least, for a while. The single paddle just feels like, well, half a paddle next to what a double can deliver -- in the hands of this as-yet unskilled solo canoeist. The jury's still out on how I'll take to "traditional" canoeing, but I'm bound to give it a fair whirl.

The seat was fine at 10" off the floor (high, by most accounts). Made switching to a kneeling position a breeze, and kneeling was great fun for radically carving and edging turns. I had the gunnels in the water several times. Standing up was no problem. Now to get a kneel pad, and install a foot brace.

Finished weight is 33 lbs on the button. It's a little delicate, I can already tell, but that's something I'm willing to live with in return for sprightly performance and ease of handling off the water. But the "floorboard" feels nice and solid; it has one layer each of 6-oz and 4-oz inside and outside the football.

Cheers, Kurt Maurer League City, Texas

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