Re: Canoe Launched!

Posted by Laszlo on Nov 22, 2007

Attaboy Kurt. Looks really nice. Have you rolled it yet? :-)

I've done a fair bit of single-paddle canoeing, I can easily get the boat to do anything I want with a single paddle, but in spite of that, I really prefer a double paddle myself. For one thing, it lets you squeeze a passenger/second paddler into the boat and you don't have to worry about braining them. Second, it drips less into the boat than a single. So as long as it doesn't bang the sheers, my personal preference is for a double kayak paddle. It'll be interesting to see what yours becomes.

Again, that's a really pretty boat. Does that seat slide back & forth on the tubing? Now go catch yourself a turkey in it.


In Response to: Canoe Launched! by Kurt Maurer on Nov 21, 2007