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Posted by CLC on Nov 22, 2007

I'm not sure the two boats have much in common other than the word "Arctic."

The Arctic Hawk is longer and narrower. It's a pious reproduction of a West Greenland seal-hunting kayak from the Smithsonian collection. Low-slung and fast, the Arctic Hawk is tuned for speed and good handling in waves. A great boat to learn in since it's so responsive, and the low aft deck means it's easy to roll if you want to get into that. You have your choice of three different cockpit sizes.

It's quite a kit, with book-matched grain, flush hatches, bulkheads, and deck rigging standard, and without the slightest overstatement has the most detailed and complete instruction manual ever assembled for a boat kit. Whichever you decide, it would be worth it to pick up the instruction manuals for both boats in advance. That'd be a great way to preview what you get.

Arctic Hawk

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