Re: Canoe Launched!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Nov 22, 2007

Lasz, I can tell you right now what my preference is, and it ain't no halfa paddle. But that's what I'm using in my nooo canooo, figure it's time for this old dog to learn a new trick. Beats the heck out of me why single blades still exist after double paddles hit the scene, but that's what I aim to find out...

I still don't know if people really roll canoes, or if it's some sort of a vague bit of humor that won't go away. But when spring comes around and the water warms up, who knows, I may give it a try. Have a feeling there may be some bailing involved, though.

The seat slides, yes. The seat proper is mounted on tubes, and the tubes slide over rails on the pedestal. A spring clamp thingy locks the seat to the desired fore-n-aft setting. It's a racer's set up, as perhaps you can divine from the boat in the photo below, which I used as a go-by. I know someone's gonna ask... it's a Wenonah Advantage in kevlar. And it weighs four pounds more than my Merlin. Life is sweet. La, la, la, la...

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