Re: sass-14->15

Posted by theo on Nov 22, 2007

Bruce; yu wait long nuff fer Robert's 12 tuh drift in t' shore after thet thar ally-gator eats him ya gots yerself a canoe. Just go there wit yer own paddle as I think Rob lost it when the ally-gator got a holt of him.... Bruce the only canoe I have now is a E. M. White 18, modified. That's the boat that I had all the wildlife in at different times and the daughter that put them there is taking that canoe as I am destined to do much solo paddling, so, 18, too big! Robert; if you answer I might assume Bruce didn't get your 12 and either you're keyboarding left-handed or that croc'...was a crock...or a trained pet (unlikely[?]) or was that Bruce sicin' that 'gator on you to get your 12, What water is that as there ain't no such critters in Severn Sound...Ontario for that mattter!

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