Re: off-gassing or...what

Posted by Dan B on Nov 23, 2007

I went through the same issues last year. I agree with the other posts. The fumes are OK, but a fan is a family-friendly idea. I get more use out of it for varnishing - which is a smellier deal.

I decided to install a fan to vent my basement shop. I sealed the cracks in the walls with woven and liquid-foam insullation. I got a large bathroom fan from Home Depot and installed in the celing. Since I didn't want to cut a hole in my house, I ran a flex tube from the fan to the window. I cut a piece of plywood to fit in the window and connected the flex tube to a drier vent mounted in the plywood. After insulating the edges, I got a good fit. The fan draws a nice low-level negative pressure on the shop and I sleep well at night knowing I'm not fuming up the joint.

Let me know if you ant pictures. The whole rig cost about $300 and took about 2-4 hours to install. One note of concern is the type of fan you use. Mine is not rated for combustible environments. You are on your own for how, if, when to deal with that.

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