MC 16.5

Posted by Tom P on Nov 24, 2007

Hello, I'm stitching the bilge panels to the bottom panel and it's looking like there'll be a bit of a space at the stern. In my opinion it is not much and everything is uniform at the point where the 2 bilge panels meet. I'd estimate the space from the end of the bottom panel to the ends of the bilge panels to be an inch which sounds like alot, but the gap between the bilge panels when wired together to be an 1/8 of an inch or so. Would you recommend I shorten the bilge panels with a block plane while keeping the shape, or fill the gap with epoxy later? Plus the end pore later would surely cover this space even further. I'd prefer not having to plane/sand if I don't have to but don't know if this spacing is normal or a big deal or not. This is my first kayak and this forum is great. It is now a part of my daily ritual of checking morning and night for the very helpful hints for issues that surely will come my way at some point during this process. Thanks in advance. Tom