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Posted by Skiffrace on Nov 24, 2007

I just finished Arctic Tern 2 months ago, and here is my preliminary opinion: ++ Excellent primary and secondary stability ++ Large roomy cockpit ++ Lots of cargo space + Good leaned turning + Good tracking

- Not as fast as some other boats. I can cruise at 5.5-6 MPH and sprint at 7+ but it takes serious effort. Similar boat with longer waterline should go ~1MPH faster - The manual is quite difficult to read. There are few drawing/pictures and it takes some 'mental concentration' (esp. if you are new to boatbuilding jargon) to understand what is said. The construction process is actually well thought out and easy to do, it's that the manual does not explain it clearly enough.

All in all, solid, strong and reliable boat, good for open water and loaded touring. Due to it's stability it is also a good boat to introduce someone to kayaking On the other hand, if you looking for top speed or are less than <170 lbs or so (it's a big kayak) consider smaller boat.

Good luck Tom

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