Re: strip vs, plywood dec

Posted by Charlie on Nov 25, 2007

A plywood deck can be applied and used just as it is. On some of the old designs the deck was only two pieces and they weren't even glassed. We put glue on the sheer clamps and nailed the plywood down with ring nails. Bingo! If a modern deck is made from multiple pieces it, of course, has to have something to seal it and hold it together. But, still not too complicated. A strip deck has to be constructed then glassed on both sides. If the strip deck is removed from the hull to glass the bottom there is an off chance that something will shift and it won't fit when replaced. This isn't an insurmountable problem but, it will keep you scratching your head for a while. It all boils down to time. How soon do you want to get on the water? Then there is esthetics. Does it matter if your boat is a fashion statment or not? Questions, questions.

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