Cape Charles 17 Launched!

Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Nov 25, 2007

Well it's Cape Charles has hit the water! I wanted to get it in the water once before the ice came in for winter. There is ice on all the lakes but the rivers are still open so I took it just down stream from a dam near my house. I christened the kayak by pouring a bottle of "Spotted Cow" beer on it. (Spotted Cow is a very great beer brewed in Wisconsin and my favorite!). I only paddled it for a few minutes because the sun was going down and so was the temperature. It was about 36 degrees when I put the kayak in the water. The wife and kids came along for the event. Well this all started 14 years ago when I bought the plans and finally this summer I purchased the wood and started to build it this fall. There still needs to be another coat of white paint put on, varnish on the deck and then the rigging. Just glad to get it in the water!


Cape Charles Launch pictures