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Posted by Chris J. on Nov 26, 2007

I'm glad I took the pictures. The forward knees seem to be a tricky step on the MC16. I had to re-shape mine to fit the stitched profile of the bildge and sheer panel angle so that I would end up with a fair line on my carlin. I also had concerns when I dry clamped the carlins to the forward knees. The manual suggested that the 30" radius template be used to shape the sheerclamps back to the forward knees but as you can see in the photo, that wasn't going to happen. I quick e-mail to CLC said to just follow the angle at the knee and roll the bevel from forward knee to aft - that worked out great.

I think your carlin may be flattening because you may have needed to tweak the knee before installing. You're right - keep the carlin line fair so that your deck is smooth - that may require a little shim at the knee and you may end up with a bit of a gap under where the deck sits on the knee - you can put a nice fillet there.

Use lots of clamps when you attach the coaming. A close clamping pattern will allow the coaming to bend a bit longitudinally along the grain to follow the carlin line up to the nose block junction.

I've added a link to my build pictures where you can see more issues I had with the pesky forward knees.

Good luck Gary.


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