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Posted by Kyle Lindstrom on Nov 26, 2007

I used bungee cords to hold the hatches down. It actually was pretty easy to make. I epoxied in 4 mounts to the bottom of the hull. Each mount had a hole about a 1/16 of an inch larger than the bungee cord. Then all I had to do was put the cord through the mounts and tie 1/2 knots on both ends of the bungee cord to hold it in place. It took a couple of test knots to determine just how long the cords needed to be to hold the hatches down with the correct pressure. I will have to take a few pictures of the finished hatches, gaskets, cord, etc...

Right now the front hatch is still my test hatch. I ended up making a test hatches first so that I can make sure I have the correct curvature to the supports on the bottom of the hatch.


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