Re: Sailing the Mill Cree

Posted by CLC on Dec 6, 2007

>>>>One, can you set up the rig or take it down while on the water,


Yes, you can, and I have. The Mill Creek 13 is stable enough for that. It's easiest if you have a segmented mast with slip-fits that don't jam.

>>>and two, how do you stow the boom and sail so you can paddle?>>>>>>>

That's harder to do. As a practical matter, it's rare to get very far from shore in a boat like this. Usually you cruise in to a convenient beach or landing, switch out of paddling mode, and continue on under sail, and vice versa. Some builders have made up segmented booms and yards so that the whole works fits into the aft hatch. We did one that way here.

The old rule, "Never sail downwind of home in a small boat" applies here, because the best approach if a squall comes on is to head for shore for sail handling.

That's me in the widely-published photo below. I guess my expectations were pretty low, but I was startled at how well the Mill Creek sails, upwind and down. The first tests were in March '96 in about 25 knots of wind and I was able to venture out and back without getting soaked, though I was luffing the whole way. The Mill Creek is at its best in gentle breezes, of course.

Mill Creek

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