Re: Sailing the Mill Cree

Posted by Ivan Roulson on Dec 8, 2007

We have an MC16.5 and we've sailed a little bit. We've set the sail and taken it down while still afloat, but it does take practice to get the halyard through the pulley at the top of the mast and not losing it again while putting the mast in its hole. As you say, the problem is what to do with the stuff afterwards. I know the MC16.5 is longer, and we've got away with tucking it under a strap between the bow decklines and tying the back end to the lee board support. It does mean it sits under my wife's armpit, but it gives her a rest. For the rudder, we have a wooden ball to pull the rudder left and right. The end of the mast overhangs the bow a bit, but we've paddled about 135 miles like that, on canals.

Out first sail was in freezing conditions in an estuary. Great fun, but we concluded that paddling was warmer.

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