Re: Hidden Footbrace Moun

Posted by george jung on Jan 11, 2008

If you put those hidden bolts in your kayak, you can rest assured you will not have any problems with them; I think you could hang a side of beef off of any single bolt, and not budge it. I suspect some here could 'do the math', showing exactly how much force you would have to place across one to cause it to fail, and it's exponentially greater than anything you're going to subject it to. Remember, you're not putting the strain at the 'tip' of the bolt; it's stabilized, as well, by the brace, bolted flush to the base. I suspect it's more durable than a 'through the hull' application, and I've never heard of one of those failing, either.

In Response to: Hidden Footbrace Mounts by Tom Lather on Jan 8, 2008