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Posted by Petewp on Jan 27, 2008

I want to mention something at this juncture - since essentially everything built anyway and its not like i can take wrong turn ..kinda. Alas though, this concept seems to grate on the neuro-transmitters within Mr. Harris's mind. LOL, ill put it out there anyway - feel free to fire holes in my thoughts but please consider my pros and cons. If this is a mirage ill let it be...

What about making it a proa [ducking]?

The advantages seem this...

1. Easier to paddle, less weight is less drag. 2. Easier to car top and set up. 3. Kaupat of Easy Rider sais all you need is 5 pound bag of said thrown inside the ama to keep it from lifting too high.

Cons are this... 1. Can i really trust the owner of Easy Rider whose flagship photo of himself is of a virtual capsize in one of his own craft? I think he's demonstrating a brace but it looks more like he lost control.

2. I have to use a smaller sail as even 5 pounds of sand wont keep that ama from flying..literaly straight up.

3. The weight savings is marginal and not worth it?

4. I potentially lose the adoration of scantily clad tropical proa women of the south seas.

Kids aside, I thought this was a way of keeping the paddling experience fleet while still retaining sailing capabilites. If my savings are really a mirage or misguided im all ears. Keep in mind, all akas and amas and leeboard and rudder are already constructed. LOL, i need leebaord attachment and ring dings...oh damn... the sail - but thats an April purchase.

Grateful and thankful,


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