Re: In the mind of Harris

Posted by Camper on Jan 27, 2008

Pete, don't forget to add the weight of a rearview mirror, for those times when you simply can't avoid those pesky starboard tacks. (During your voyages, you will learn that the folks who've got this particular design down pat learned thousands of years ago to make seats that face either way.)

I would just do it, and don't tell John. It's like telling Renoir that you bought one of his paintings, and to reduce the wall space it takes up, you cut the left third of it off with a bandsaw.

The 5 lb sandbag seems like a more flexible approach to me, and no, don't cut back on the canvas. Er, coconut leaves. You got your ballast and you got your 5-pounder naval gun, should it be needed for self-defense, all in one unit. When you get into a sticky situation, snug up sharply on the sheet, and let er fly. If the hostiles don't get the message, simply right the boat, bail it out, and load another sandbag round into the ama. Shout out a warning in a firm voice toward the beach, "Pete no want hurt island women, but Pete must go now, Pete no more party!"

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