Re: In the mind of Harris

Posted by Petewp on Jan 28, 2008

I ran this by John once over the phone i believe. He wasn't to keen on it and dissuaded me with a little voice tone and a few words I don't recall. Nothing bad, but clearly , he didn't seem happy about making it a proa - or should I say - outrigger. Something about going faster on one tack than the other. My mentioning the "mind of Harris" was that it seemed to rest with him in some way that this wasnt a way he thought the design should go. My "ducking" was jesting at the potentialy negative remarks he might have on my ideas.

Boy you know you tanked good humor when it needs a break down and description. My bad. Harris's remarks though are more valuable to me than say, Kaupat at Easy rider who probably pushes the outrigger design because the cost of two manufactured amas and full akas just skyrockets the price too much. To the contrary it seemed jon hadf the option and passed it up. I was hoping he could clarify it a little better.



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