Re: In the mind of Harris

Posted by Camper on Jan 28, 2008

If it's any consolation, I got the "ducking" one the first time.

Shouldn't be any consolation, though.

Historically, my attempts at humor are the reason CLC added a password to the forum. They thought I wouldn't be able to figure it out. (I fooled em. I have a friend who's in the discount cigarette advertising business, and they told me about how you have type those funny letters).

Note: The "John's Sharpie" is actually making some glacial progress again. (Will that speed up now, with global warming?) I'm epoxying the deck pieces. Boy, they sure twisted funny. I hope they straighten out some when I epoxy the other side but I guess it don't matter really. The instructions say to do only the underside, but I am going to do both sides before installing, and then figure out why that was dumb later on.

(The settlement agreement that ended the "stupid posts" suit --I never admitted any guilt, BTW-- requires that at least 0.5% of my posts have something vaguely to do with CLC boatbuilding, so I am good to go now for a while.)

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