One San O clamp done....

Posted by James Abell on Jan 31, 2008

Hi, I have glued one sheer clamp to a side panel, it went ok but the top or (keel line?), the sheer clamp went above that a bit at the front end say 2mm and the back 3mm, the rest is pretty dead on.

I gather this is 'ok' and I sand the excess off.

Should I try to now match the other clamp to the side panel with the clamp above the keel line at the same places as the other side? That way, the amount I sand off from the clamp at the top, will be the same for each and the weight should balance? Will this slight overshoot weaken the structure a lot when made?

Because of this slight mistake, should I not bevel so much the underside of the sheer clamps?