Re: Chesapeake 18 launch

Posted by Anton on Mar 25, 2008


It splits into three pieces. It splits at the normal bulkhead positions. For the bulkheads I laminated two pieces of 6mm ply together with a layer of glass between them. For each of the bulkheads, I cut out two identical bulkheads and temporarily screwed them together with a spacer between them. Each of these double bulkheads were glued in place as normal. Then the scary part was to cut the boat in half between the two bulkheads. The edges were rounded and when laying the glass over the outside it went around the edges. Also layed an aditional 10cm wide glass tape over the edges.

The boat is joined with 8 x 6mm bolts on each bulkhead. The downside of this build (Apart form the overuse of epoxy due to lack of experience) is the significant increase in weight. Have not weighed it yet but it is heavy.

If interested I have some photos taken during the construction, showing details.

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