Change is coming...

Posted by CLC on Mar 27, 2008

Some forum outages the last two days. Actually unrelated to the imminent switch to the new CLC site, but just one more reason to make the big change.

Yes, an entirely new website will launch in the next day or two. (Might be some outages briefly while we switch.)

Tons of new stuff, especially images, and a much-improved store. We think you'll dig it.

This forum will make the leap, along with all of the forum archives: the good, bad and ugly. What must be 6,000 of Laszlo's and all 2,000 of Lee Gardner's.

Unlike this one, but like most forums in the world, you'll have to sign in to the new one. But the forum will have a lot more capability. (Few will be nostalgic for this 1998-era BBS service.)

The Builder's Club, alas, will not make the switch. There will be a new and easier-to-use Builder's Club on the new site, and we hope everyone hurries in to add or reload their entry.

See you there!