Re: Change is coming...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 27, 2008

> (Few will be nostalgic for this 1998-era BBS service.)

Oh, I don't know, Commodore Harris. This current site software has gone on for so long now that it has become sort of a quaint woodgrainy seaside baitstand-esque way of disseminating boat building wisdom ... or whatever you wish to call whatever is bantered about here. Indeed, I tend to believe there is considerable nostalgic value to this site. Which is not to mean it's stale, or that it stinks, I didn't say that. What I mean to say, is, ummm ... oh, never mind.

I look forward to the new digs, as it were, and wouldn't miss it for worlds! I will speedily re-submit my builder's club web site stuff, and like you, hope to goodness everyone else does as well. We -- which means you, basically -- need to make specially certain that Courtney remains with us. I'm still in love with her.

Congrats on joining the modern world, CLC! Holy smokes, next thing you know you people will get a computer controlled router to cut out kit parts or something. Wouldn't THAT be something???

Cheers, Kurt

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