How to change the NB

Posted by Frankp on Mar 28, 2008

The recent post about modifying the NorthBay got me thinking about my boat and what I would change about it. Unfortunately, I don't have enough knowledge about kayak design to know the mods I would implement would positively affect the boat's handling. So, in order to facilitate discussion, I'm asking the question here. What would you change in the NorthBay to improve handling.

My current ideas, based on some other discussions I've had include:

Add some rocker More bow volume (or perhaps less stern volume?) Change the flare of the sides??? Skeg if changes don't fix weathercocking

As far as "non-performance" mods, I'd remove the deck beam at the coaming. I'd shrink the sheer clamps (cross section), and remove the end pours in favor of light-weight blocks. I'd possibly move the foreward bulkhead aft and use that as a footrest instead of adjustable footrests, and possibly lower the aft deck a tiny bit too, at least near the coaming for easier rolling. Flush hatches are a necessity, in my opinion, but are there any other neat mods people might include?

I'm a fan of very clean decks and I don't like through holes so all of these mods are to limit the amount of hardware used/visible.

So what do you think? How would you make a "NorthBay2"?