Re: Hatch Cover Test Fit

Posted by Chris J. on Apr 1, 2008

When you say " The covers sit about 1/2" above the deck" do you mean the radius of the hatch cover doesn't follow the radius of deck? I had the same problem when I built the covers ahead - especially with the front hatch where the radius on the deck is tighter. I cut my ribs to the radius on the plans but this was not secure enough. I really had to fuss with new ribs until I was satisfied. If front deck radius is 24" you may have to cut your ribs to an 18" radius to get a good fit. Also....don't rely on spring clamps when gluing the ribs to the cover...they don't hold the outer edge tight enough to get the correct radius. You can get a C clamp (use some wedges) on the outer edge to pull it to the radius.

In Response to: Hatch Cover Test Fit LT17 by Randy on Mar 31, 2008